Lexi and Ryan

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Here's to you, JSwipe

​​Everyone knows someone who has met their significant other in the 21st century version of dating: online.

We met in June, 2017 using the jewish dating app, JSwipe, which was basically a subtle way to let both our families know that we got the hint and it would be in our (their) best interest to marry someone Jewish. To say our mothers were proud of us using that app is an understatement.

After the first couple of dates, we instantly became inseparable.
From lake house adventures, to gym dates, and taking Zev for walks- we were together, like, a lot.

We made it ~*official*~ that we were boyfriend and girlfriend in July, 2017 (per Ryan's sweet & thoughtful gesture and not Lexi badgering him to ask her).

As fate would have it, Ryan’s apartment was close to Lexi’s first teaching position so we decided TOGETHER, AS A NEW COUPLE (achem, Lexi vs Ryan version), for Lexi to move in. How exciting! Ryan was especially excited about having to buy a new dresser for his clothes (not), so he could make room for Lexi to take over his closet.

Fate certainly continued to play a role when we learned that Ryan’s family lives (part-time) in South Florida where Lexi's family lives. Being close in proximity, it granted us the opportunity to celebrate our first Passover together (that night really WAS different than all other nights!)
And now it's just a one stop shop to SoFla for all family visits 😊

Fate was not as kind, to Lexi at least, as the next three years were spent by her kindly and politely, asking Ryan when he would graciously ask for her hand in marriage.

June of 2021 finally turned into that FATEFUL month when Ryan (& Zev) proposed to Lexi on the beach.

With the blessing of both our families, we are so excited to start a new chapter of our life together. We cannot wait to celebrate with you all!

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The Future Mr. and Mrs. Sacher